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I’m a certified Google Ads specialist and Google Partner with almost a decade of experience working across Google Search, Google Display, YouTube and Google Shopping.

Not only do I live and breathe Google Ads Management, I also understand SEO and recommend marketing strategies that work in tandem. 

Worried about budget? I’ve spent hours (and I mean hours) perfecting strategies to minimise costs and increase conversion rates making it worth your while. I set up high-performing campaigns that deliver measurable results for your business.

Louisa Ingelheim: Google Certified Partner

How I can help you scale your Google Ad campaigns 🚀

Google Ads Strategy

Every campaign should be tailored to your overall marketing strategy, brand identity and target market. I take the time to do the research, understand your audience and create a campaign that targets them specifically.

Google Ads Management

Google Ad campaigns need to be constantly monitored and refined to achieve the best results. As your Google Ads Specialist, I optimise your campaigns to reduce spend, increase conversion rates, and maximise ROI. 

Google Ads Account Audits

My in-depth Google Ads audit evaluates the health and efficiency of your campaigns. I provide an actionable report outlining improvement opportunities, which I can implement for you or hand over for internal actioning.

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Book A Google Ads Account Audit

Need an unbiased expert opinion on your current Google ads performance? Book your no-bs Google Ads Audit and receive a detailed plan for how to supercharge your performance.

Google Ads FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

There is no definite answer to this question. Many factors influence the time it takes Google to exit the learning phase, such as your daily budget or your business niche.

Generally, I advise my clients to keep a campaign running for a 30 day minimum, before making a decision on performance. 


Google Ads and Facebook Ads are both highly effective advertising platforms and when used in tandem, they can achieve amazing results for your business.

It may be ‘easier’  to get started with Google Ads, since you’re reaching users when they’re actively looking for services/products like yours (pull channel). But that doesn’t mean it’s better than Facebook Ads; a (push)channel with very nuanced targeting capabilities.


I offer a variety of services, either on a per project basis (no lock-in contracts) or ongoing monthly Google Ads management retainer, starting at $750.

If you’re interested in a custom package, please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you with different options.


How much you should spend on Google Ads per month depends on a couple of things, such as: what you want to achieve, how big your target audience is, and the average CPC you’re looking at. 

Generally, a good starting point is somewhere between $700 – $1,500+ per month.